Versatile, professional and elegant

Window frosting provides a modern and cost-effective alternative to sandblasted glass panels.

Window frosting films offer privacy, protection against UV rays, and even help manage thermoregulation of your workspace. The clear, semi-opaque quality makes it a popular signage choice among businesses for its versatility and elegance.

  • Photo printed

  • Creative screen

  • Inverted cut frosting

  • Elegant branding

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Why frosting?

Window films can be retrofitted to existing windows, making it an economical and speedy option. Films are essentially a thin laminate with an adhesive backing that is added to either the inside or outside of a window. They can be cut into almost any design and applied to windows or doors – from corporate logos and marketing to fully customised printed walls.

Most internal office spaces will utilise frosting film for privacy, but unlike solid walls the film allows light through. Engine Signs can cut custom designs or print brand designs.

  • Consultation

    We only employ multiskilled, highly experienced sales staff. This ensures that you get the best advice the first time! We can provide multiple options to meet your budget.

  • Design & setup

    Our experienced in house graphic design team that understands the importance of brand guidelines, colour matching and accurate proofing to ensure each job is produced correctly the first time.

  • Manufacture

    Our printers operate in an enclosed, temperature controlled environment to provide consistent reproduction of design and colour. We only use compatible materials that allow provision for industry leading warranties.

  • Installation

    On specific products, we offer an on-site installation. All our certified installers are highly skilled in all types of applications and hold multiple access equipment tickets to ensure that we can complete every job. Big or Small.

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